8 Most Haunted Spots in America

5. The Queen Mary

Resting in the Long Beach, Ca. harbor is the former luxury cruise ship The Queen Mary, nicknamed “The Grey Ghost” for good reason of course. It then turned into a troopship during the start of WWII, carrying more than 800,000 soldiers and participated in D-Day. Today, it is a hotel and popular tourist attraction for ghost sightings of the sailors who died in the engine room.

6. The Whaley House

Located in San Diego, Ca., the U.S Commerce Department classified the Whaley house as a historically haunted. The earliest ghost was “Yankee” Jim Robinson, who was hanged on site in 1852. Years later when James Whaley built a courthouse/general store, he claimed to hear Robinson through the walls. Still to this day, people claim to see many ghost sightings on the grounds.paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

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