13 signs that tell if you’re being followed by a ghost

6. Things have disappeared only to reappear somewhere else


Everyone misplaces things all the time – the scissors go missing and the remote is nowhere to be found when you need to change the channel, but certain things in the house have a fixed location. When these unlikely objects go missing and reappear somewhere else or appear to move on their own, you can be sure that someone or something is trying to grab your attention or unsettle you.

7. You’ve noticed strange shadows in the corner of your vision


Sometimes in a dark or static room, you may have seen a shadow growing or amassing in the corner of your eye or even shifting shapes. Your mind may have refused to acknowledge this anomaly and you may have shaken it off, or you may have left the room quickly out of an irrational fear. Strange shadows can often be a sign that a ghostly presence is in your life.

8. There have been strange mists or unexplained darkness obscuring your field of view


Some people report seeing a blurry outline or a dark spot in their field of vision that obscures from view anything behind it. Sometimes, people have seen mists strangely gathering around them and then quickly dispersing. It is believed that these forms are ghosts trying to manifest themselves in the physical world, which requires a tremendous amount of energy.paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

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