13 signs that tell if you’re being followed by a ghost

3. You’ve felt something tug at your clothing or touch you


These can be the scariest signs that a ghost or otherworldly spirit has taken an unhealthy interest in you. Perhaps the most startling experiences people have reported is the sensation of a cold hand grabbing them by the arm or shoulder or even feeling someone tug at their clothing as if to call them and then turning around to find that there’s no one there.

4. You’ve heard someone call your name when you’re alone


It can be as faint as a whisper or as audible as a shout from another room. Even more startling is hearing someone say your name right into your ear and then whipping around to see an empty room. Whoever is trying to communicate with you from the other side is using the most surefire way to grab your attention, though this can be extremely freaky and unsettling.

5. There are certain cold spots in your house

You may feel cold in warm weather. (Pixabay)
You may feel cold in warm weather. (Pixabay)

You may have noticed temperature fluctuations within the rooms of your house, or that certain rooms also feel chilly and clammy. Sometimes it’s not just the temperature differences that grabs your attention. Certain rooms may have an oppressive atmosphere or a looming presence that makes you feel extremely uneasy and prickly whenever you walk in.

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